Is your living space starting to feel dull and uninspiring? We all dream of coming home to a place that’s bright, welcoming and styled exactly to our own taste. Luckily with the right materials and home refurbishment ideas, every house has the potential to go from gloomy to glamorous.

To show you how it’s done, we’ve found 15 amazing home renovation projects with before and after photo, guaranteed to give you inspirationy for your next refurbishment project. These house transformations show that no matter the size of your budget, there’s always a way to make your dream property renovation a reality. Sometimes doing up a house can be done just by throwing out an old couch and getting creative with some wall paint. So let your imagination run wild and you’ll have your dream home in no time!

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Interior blogger Melanie Lissack, turns bland into beautiful with this dramatic home makeover. This living room looks nothing like it once did, with a new and delightfully happy colour scheme, a beautiful arched doorway and lovely gold-toned trinkets. It’s quirky, glamorous and cosy – simply bursting with personality!

This major transformation project by Christie from Christie’s Lifestyle was perfectly pulled off. What was once an all-retro room has become a cute and cosy space with the gorgeous decor to match. It’s the perfect balance of quaint and contemporary with quirky pillows, wall-art and an amazing open-plan design that we love.

With a clear out and some cosy accessories, Rachel from Fresh Design Blog turns her living room into a beautifully bohemian lounge space. The cosy throw and cushions give it a wonderfully relaxed feel, the gold tones from the clock and trinkets keep things classy and the splashes of red from the carpet and curtains add the perfect amount of bold. And the best thing is, a home makeover like this can be achieved in just one shopping trip!

As shown by Sherry Hart at Design Indulgence, a change in colour scheme can make all the difference to a room, making it seem larger and brighter. The cool blue and grey tones really open up space to draw attention to the lovely patterned carpet and beautiful fireplace! If you’re looking for refurbishment ideas that will freshen up your space, why not try something similar?

With the help of Homely Economics blogger Lee, this dark and gloomy room becomes a minimalist’s dream. We love the details of this room, from the hanging guitars to the fairy lights. It’s simple yet cosy, and the grey and blue colour palette gives it the perfect, mellow tone that every living room needs!

This home makeover by Molly from Mother’s Always Right shows us that a full-scale remodelling project isn’t always the answer. Sometimes, all it takes is some decluttering and repainting for everything to feel fresh and new. With a few changes, this kitchen becomes the pretty, clean and organised space that’s much-needed in the chaos of family life.

We love everything about this amazing kitchen renovation by Kezzabeth, from the gorgeous floor tiling to the ceiling spotlights. The minimalist colour palette and the modern design plan shows that less is always more. A house renovation like this is guaranteed to make any chefs in the family very happy!

This kitchen transformation by Sharon at Hornsby Style is a large scale house renovation done right. It seems like a pretty huge project but for a space as gorgeous as this it’s definitely worth the extra effort! We love all the detailing in this space especially the exposed brick wall, wooden beaded chandelier and lovely breakfast bar. It’s bright, spacious and beautifully designed… all the elements of a perfect kitchen! 

What a transformation! Emily from Jones Design Company shows us how a dark and outdated kitchen can be transformed into a gorgeous and modern cooking space. The clutter has been cleared away and replaced with beautiful natural tones in the white tiling, grey cabinets and exposed roof beams. It’s simply lovely!

When blogger Fifi McGee first moved into her home, there was a lot of work ahead to get the kitchen of her dreams but it was definitely worth the effort! The end result is a gorgeous kitchen that’s bright and inviting with lovely, soothing neutral tones. And the open plan design gives plenty of room for cooking and hosting dinner parties!

This stunning DIY transformation featured on Diana’s blog Miss Moss combines cosy and timeless elements to create a cool and unique kitchen space. We love the earthy tones and organic materials incorporated in the design that create a calming atmosphere. The quirky details such as the circular window and the splash of colour from the painted cupboards make things fresh and homely.

In this home makeover by Adam and Stacey from End of the Row, we see this bedroom leap from bland and structureless to cosy and glamorous. Stacey uses bold colours, wooden panelling and a DIY built-in vanity to create the kind of luxurious space that everyone wants to wake up in. A lot of thought has gone into every detail, and it totally pays off!

The talented interior designers at Avenue Lifestyle have a knack for creating clean and fresh spaces and this bedroom transformation is no exception! The layered pastel elements are what really make this room, with the two-tone wall design, abstract patterned rug and bold cushions. The different textures give the room a quirky, bohemian vibe and the interior is bright and pretty. It’s a very fun and creative space – the perfect children’s bedroom!

Maggie from Maggie Overby Studios shows that rethinking colours and textures in a room can make a huge difference to a space. Her new bedroom is gorgeous, with dark wood and bold colours that give the room a luxurious look. The rich colours and textures bring lots of interesting elements into the space, it’s unique and very glamorous.

  • 24th September 2018
  • DIY