If you’re looking for the most crafty and inspirational female DIY bloggers, then you’re in the right place. After poring through some of the hundreds if not thousands of DIY and home decor blogs on the internet, we’ve compiled the absolute Top 20 Fearless Female DIY Bloggers in one concise list!

In no particular order, the below bloggers will make you want to upcycle your Grandma’s old dresser, repaint a bookcase, or even renovate your whole house. Or maybe just to buy a rug to really tie the room together, because the little things really can make all the difference when it comes to making your house a home. These fearless female DIYers aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and really get stuck in when it comes to creating their perfect home, and after reading our list, you won’t be afraid to either.

Krista is a self-confessed housie, which is, as she puts it “think foodie but for houses”. She loves nothing more than getting stuck into DIY projects and decorating as often as possible, and that there’s no greater satisfaction than perfectly accessorising a room. 

Decor8, pronounced “decorate”, was launched in 2004 by Holly Becker, while she was still a student at design school in Boston. Now, Holly is an international best-selling author with four books within the “Decorate” series, and is considered a pioneer of the design blog movement.

Bre is a freelance graphic designer, and an avid fan of all things DIY and designed-oriented. Brepurposed was born in 2013 as a creative outlet for Bre after her wedding, and now showcases her chic style and taste when it comes to interior design.

Geneva Vanderzeil moved to London from her home turf of Australia in 2008, and then started “a pair & a spare”. This blog details all of Geneva’s creative DIY projects and tutorials, ranging from interior design to clothes making, recipes to travel journals, and more.

Kristyn Merkley is the founder of Lil’ Luna, named after her mom’s maiden name Luna, and is the Mom of five rambunctious kids herself. Her blog details all kinds of tips and tutorials for craft and DIY projects, as well as a wide range of delicious recipes.

Brittni Mehlhoff started Paper & Stitch in 2008 as a place to keep all her inspirations, and it’s now become her full-time job. Brittni shares all her DIY home decor, styling, fashion, and more, as well as still compiling her interior inspirations.

Mandi started her blog Vintage Revivals with the belief in mind that a) decorating your house shouldn’t be expensive, and b) your house should always look like you. She wants her readers to know that she was scared of decorating, but if she can do it, so can you.

Beth Hunter started Home Stories A to Z, named after her two little boys Asher and Zephan. Home Stories features her passions of decorating and design, as she shares her DIY projects, favourite decor trends, and all the improvements she makes to her own home.

Amy is a Chicago-born, LA-based content creator and stylist. She created Homey Oh My in 2013, in order to share her love for minimal, Scandinavian-inspired designs. Her blog features all this, plus DIY tutorials, design inspo, and some slice of life posts.

Lucy Akins created Craftberry Bush to showcase her love of art, as well as document the lives of her children. Within Craftberry Bush, Lucy demonstrates how to create the most beautiful items, from apple pies to blankets, candles to cocktails, and everything inbetween.

Corey is a self-confessed DIY addict, and utilises her blog Sawdust to Stitches as a platform to show and teach her readers all manner of tips and tricks. When she has a spare moment, she loves nothing more than getting stuck into a project with power tools or her trusty sewing machine.

Brittany Bailey created Pretty Handy Girl to break any stereotypes that women aren’t handy. She is a licensed general contractor among many other things, and her site is home to a wide variety of incredibly detailed tutorials so any beginners can start their own DIY journey.

Jenni’s website I Spy DIY was born in 2010 as a creative outlet for all of her projects, and shows you how to recreate the latest trends in both fashion and homeware on a budget! She now has a studio space which she uses to host craft classes and events to get you DIY-inspired.

Molly of Almost Makes Perfect is a practicer of cooking, crafting, and decorating, but like every other human being, never quite gets it 100% perfect, hence the title of her blog. While that can be frustrating, she says she’s proof that if you put the time in, you will get better.

Dinah is a work at home mom that loves nothing more than repurposing and decorating, and started DIY Inspired in order to challenge herself with new projects. Here she shares her inspirations, alongside plenty of DIY and craft tutorials for her readers to try out.

Chelsea created Two Twenty One in 2011 after her wedding, and therefore her wedding planning blog had come to an end. Two Twenty One features a whole host of tutorials and how tos, including crafts, DIY projects, room makeovers, recipes, and much more.

Kristen constantly strives to make her home the loveliest place it can be, and documents her creative escapades using Ella Claire Inspired as her online journal. She loves to build, bake, and decorate, and hopes to inspire her readers to try something new.

Abby Lawson is passionate about creating a beautiful and organised home and life, for both herself and her readers. Just a Girl and Her Blog was created in 2013 for Abby to use as a creative outlet, and on which she now documents all her easy to follow decorating tips.

Katie Bower is wife to Jeremy and the mother of four boys(!), keeping the Bower Power Blog as a way to keep track of the makeovers and renovations of their house. These sleep deprived parents document all their house transformations, as well as slice of life.

Shelley created the House of Smiths blog as a way of sharing her and her family’s lives, plus all of their DIY and decorating projects. She hopes that her posts will inspire others, as well as help her to carry on learning from all of her attempts.

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