TikTok has become a popular place to share insights and glimpses into different careers, and this includes manual trades too. Videos under the hashtags #bricky, #engineeringlife, and #blacksmithproblems show viewers what a day in the life of a tradesperson really looks like. As well as sharing anecdotes and ASMR videos, they also share tips for getting into these industries too. Whether you’re a tradesperson yourself or a young person hoping to start a career in a manual trade, this is a side of TikTok that you don’t want to miss out on. The passion that these people show for their work is inspiring and infectious too.

At Saxton Blades, we’ve analysed TikTok hashtag data to reveal which manual trade is the most popular with viewers on the social media app. We also gathered data on how much money the most popular accounts are earning too. Check out the results below!

The Most Popular Trades on TikTok Ranked by Popular Hashtags

To calculate the most popular trades on TikTok, we combined the view count of the three most popular hashtags relating to 20 different manual trades professions. We then used the total view count to rank them from most to least popular. Our research shows that the top 6 most popular trades on TikTok have billions of views. Out of the most popular trades hashtags includes ones created by students in the professions such as #engineeringstudent and #apprenticeelectrician. It’s great to see young people so passionate about the industries they are entering. Check out the full list below.

The Top 20 Most Popular Accounts on Trades TikTok

We were intrigued to see which accounts are the biggest hit with TikTok users. We found that the most popular trades account on the platform is a bricklayer with 1.6M followers. Our research shows that a follower count of that size will earn him an estimated £698 – £1,163 per post! According to Total Jobs, the average annual salary of a bricklayer in the UK is £36,678. So clearly TikTok is a profitable side-hustle for those in this profession. Check out the rest of the results below.

Women in Manual Trades: The Top 10 Most Viewed Hashtags

Whilst analysing the most popular trades hashtags on TikTok, we found an interesting trend across all of the trades professions. There are a large number of popular hashtags of women in these trades professions, owning their passion for an industry they are grossly underrepresented in. Only 14.5% of the construction workforce is female, and that drops to just 2% when it comes to skilled manual trades. Luckily, there are women on TikTok who are proving the stereotypes to be wrong. Check out the hashtags in the list below to see their inspiring videos.


To calculate which trades are the most popular on TikTok, we built a list of manual trades and input keywords relating to each profession into the search bar of the app. We then recorded all of the related hashtags that appeared as well as the number of views under each in a spreadsheet. For each trades profession, we used the top 3 most viewed hashtags and added the number of views together to calculate an average number of views for each manual trade. We then ranked the results from highest to lowest to reveal the most and least popular trade on TikTok. When selecting the top 3 most popular hashtags, we didn’t include variations of the same term eg. plurals or suffixes but only included varied terms wherever possible to give a more accurate result.

We also viewed the top video for each hashtag and noted down the name of the creator and their follower count to reveal the most popular account. To calculate the estimated earnings of each account, we entered the account name into the TikTok Money Calculator on Influencer Marketing Hub and converted the results from USD to GBP.

We then also ranked any hashtags relating to female workers in the industry from highest to lowest views to reveal the most popular ‘women in trades’ hashtags.


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