Saxton 10x PH2-50mm Impact Duty Screwdriver Drill Driver Bits Set


Magnetic Impact Duty Bit Holder 152mm

Magnetic Impact Duty Bit Holder

Magnetic Impact Duty Bit Holder
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Do you have an exciting DIY project coming up? Or are you simply looking to expand your existing set of tools? Whatever you're doing, we’re confident you’re in the right place. With this product, you’ll turn your drill into a multipurpose powerhouse - capable of changing the length, shank, and type of the driver at any time.


  • Engineered steel and heat treatment for maximum strength and flexibility
  • Suitable for standard and impact applications
  • Strong magnetic tip for secure grip
  • Fitting: 1/4" hex drive

Our magnetic impact duty bit holders

For maximum strength and flexibility, this product is made from engineered steel and treated with intense heat. It’s suitable for standard and impact applications. There’s a strong magnetic tip for a secure grip and a ¼ hex drive.

What our bit holder product can be used for

Besides keeping everything in place, this product allows you to swiftly change to a new screwdriver bit as you continue with work, with angled and flexible products that can get to those hidden screws. Designed to work with plasterboard and softer surfaces, drywall screw holders hold bits at the right measurements to keep everything secure.

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