It’s no secret that successful YouTubers can make a ton of money from ad revenue, but the amount they can make per video might surprise you. Our research shows that their house tours alone bring in thousands of pounds, with the most viewed house tour on YouTube making an incredible £40,898 on average. 

As of March 2020, the average house in the UK costs just under £232,000. On that amount, a 5% deposit is £11,600 and a 15% deposit is £34,800

A YouTuber house tour makes nearly the same amount to cover a house deposit for the average person. This is an extraordinary amount of money that the majority of us could only dream of producing from a 10-20 minute video. What this shows is that YouTubers, no matter how they might present themselves online, are not ordinary people. 

In this study, Saxton Blades collected YouTube data on the most viewed house tours filmed by popular YouTubers and calculated the amount each video makes on average. The results are below!


To calculate which YouTuber house tour video makes the most money per number of views, we input the keywords “house tour” and “home tour” into the YouTube search bar. Filtering the results by “sort by View Count”, we recorded the most watched house tours, their viewpoints and the YouTuber that created the videos. Using the Influencer Marketing Hub YouTube Money Calculator, we input the view count on each video to find out how much each house tour makes on average.

Watch the 5 Most Viewed YouTuber Home Tours:

1. FV Family Home Tour

(Video Earnings: £40,898)

2. jeffreestar Home Tour

(Video Earnings: £ 35,087)

3. The ACE Family Home Tour

(Video Earnings: £29,162)

4. Aayu and Pihu Show Home Tour

(Video Earnings: £27,810)

5. Kimberly Loaiza Home Tour

(Video Earnings: £23,088)