DIY Wooden toys possess a timeless charm that transcends generations. The process of crafting these treasures involves a delicate balance of creativity, precision, and the right tools. Craft wooden toys as handmade gifts or for your little ones to play with by following this extensive guide. 


Essential Power Tools for DIY Wooden Toys

Woodworking thrives on a collection of specialised power tools, each playing a pivotal role in creating wooden toys. Beyond the conventional tools, there are versatile options that enhance precision and expand creative possibilities.


Multi Tools

A multi-tool is a versatile wonder, offering a multitude of functions in a single handheld device. Its oscillating head accommodates various attachments, making it indispensable for DIY projects. For making toys, the ability to switch between sanding, cutting, and scraping attachments swiftly ensures efficiency and accuracy, especially when working on intricate designs or refining small pieces of wood.


TCT Circular Saw

The TCT circular saw is a powerhouse, delivering precision and clean cuts effortlessly. Its robust build and sharp, durable teeth make it an ideal choice for slicing through wood with finesse. When making toys, this saw shines in creating straight, accurate cuts, allowing you to craft pieces of wood with smooth edges to fit seamlessly, ensuring the toy’s durability around young ones and its aesthetic appeal.


Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw, with its back-and-forth motion, excels in versatility. While typically known for demolition or rough cuts, its adaptability also extends to woodworking. It proves its worth in removing larger sections of wood quickly, especially in initial shaping or when working with thicker pieces. However, precision might require additional shaping and refinement with other tools, such as the multi-tool.


Jigsaw Power Tool

Jigsaws are the maestros of curves and intricate cuts. Their ability to navigate tight corners and produce freehand shapes makes them invaluable when making toys. From creating whimsical designs to crafting puzzle-like pieces, the jigsaw’s finesse and manoeuvrability empower woodworkers to bring their most imaginative toy ideas to life.



A reliable drill is indispensable, not just for creating holes, but for driving screws, sanding and more. In toy-making, drills are essential for creating axle holes, assembling toy pieces, and adding intricate details. Additionally, drill attachments such as sanding drums expand their utility, allowing for precision sanding in hard-to-reach places, ensuring smooth wood when making toys.


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Precision Blades: The Backbone of Toy Crafting

Crafting wooden toys isn’t just about the tools—it’s about the relationship between power tools and their precision blades. These specialised blades, tailored for specific power tools, elevate woodworking from a craft to an art form, infusing precision and finesse into every cut and design.


Multi-Tools: Adaptable Blades for Versatile Tasks

The brilliance of multi-tools lies not only in their versatility but also in their diverse array of blades. For woodworking, and more specifically DIY wooden toys, multi-tool blades come in various shapes and sizes, each tailored for specific tasks. From sanding pads for finishing touches to precision cutting blades for intricate designs, these attachments elevate the multi-tool into a woodworking powerhouse, allowing woodworkers to sculpt, shape and refine pieces of wood with ease.


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TCT Circular Saw: Precision Blades for Clean Cuts

The TCT circular saw’s blades offer ultimate precision every time. Equipped with sharp carbide teeth, these blades are designed to slice through wood with minimal effort, producing clean and accurate cuts. Specific blades, such as those with fine tooth configurations excel in crafting DIY wooden toys by ensuring smooth edges and precise dimensions, crucial for pieces of wood that fit seamlessly together.


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Reciprocating Saw: Varied Blades for Diverse Tasks

While not traditionally seen as a woodworking hero, the reciprocating saw’s efficiency in shaping wooden toys is heightened by specialised blades. Wood-cutting blades with fine teeth patterns or specialised shapes enhance their utility, enabling the saw to refine larger wooden blocks or quickly remove excess material during the initial shaping stages.


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Jigsaws: Intricate Blades for Delicate Designs

Jigsaws, known for their ability to navigate intricate cuts and curves, rely on specialised blades to accomplish these tasks. Blades with fine teeth, designed explicitly for woodworking, facilitate precise cuts on various wood densities. When crafting wooden toys, these blades enable woodworkers to effortlessly sculpt whimsical shapes, intricate details and playful designs, turning raw wood into enchanting creations that spark joy.


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How to Make Wooden Toys: A Step-by-Step Guide

Crafting wooden toys is a great way to blend creativity, precision and craftsmanship. Here is a step-by-step guide to bringing your toy designs to life.


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1. Choosing the right wood

Begin by selecting a suitable block of wood for making toys with. Consider factors like durability, grain pattern, and suitability for the intended toy. Hardwoods like maple or oak offer durability for long-lasting toys, while softer woods like pine may be ideal for lighter or decorative pieces.

2. Design and Planning 

Sketch out detailed blueprints or designs for your wooden toy. Plan the dimensions, shapes and intricate details. This stage is crucial in visualising the wood toys and determining the cuts and shapes required for each component.

3. Preparing the Wood

Using precise measurements from your design, prepare the wood by cutting it into manageable sizes using appropriate power tools. A TCT circular saw or band saw can be handy for this, ensuring accurate cuts and reducing waste in your wooden toy projects.

4. Shaping with Precision Tools 

Utilise precision tools such as the scroll saw or jigsaw equipped with specialised blades for intricate and detailed cuts. Cut at the different pieces of your toy following the design blueprint. Take your time to ensure accuracy in each cut.

5. Drilling for Assembly

Use a drill equipped with the necessary bits to create holes for axles, joints, or any assembly requirements. This step is vital for ensuring the toy components fit together seamlessly. Precision in drilling ensures the stability and functionality of the final toy.

6. Assembly and Finishing Touches

Assemble the various components of the toy using wood glue, screw or other appropriate fastening methods. Sand the edges and surfaces to smooth out roughness, enhancing the toy’s appearance and safety. Consider adding details like paint, varnish or wood stains for a polished and vibrant finish.

7. Testing and Quality Check

Before presenting the toy, perform a thorough quality check. Ensure all parts are securely assembled, edges are smooth to prevent splinters and the toy is safe for children to use.


Key Tips for Success

  • Precision Measurement Techniques

Accurate measurements are non-negotiable. Invest in quality measuring tools and double-check measurements before cutting to avoid mistakes that could compromise the toy’s assembly and overall quality. 

  • Safety First

Prioritise safety when working with power tools and blades. Always wear proper safety gear and familiarise yourself with each tool’s safety features and usage guidelines to prevent accidents. 

  • Finish: Sanding and Detailing 

Meticulous sanding and detailing are paramount. Smooth surfaces not only enhance the toy’s appearance but also ensure safety by preventing splinters. Focus on fine-grit sanding and pay attention to corners and edges for a polished finish.


Crafting wooden toys embodies a beautiful fusion of artistry and precision, where power tools and precision blades become the trusted allies of artisans. From the thoughtful selection of timber to the final strokes that infuse character into every creation, this journey embodies true craftsmanship. Spark imagination and create amazing toys with your little ones from the comfort of your own home.