Working with an Evolution power saw? Stock up on high-quality Evolution saw blades for all your construction projects with the Saxton Blades range.

With 30 years of experience in the construction industry, we understand the need for high-quality equipment to achieve the results you want. For this reason, we’re committed to supplying quality blades and construction equipment for affordable prices.

High-Performance Evolution Compatible Saw Blades

Below, you will find a range of saw blades compatible with Evolution power saws including Evolution saw blades 210mm, 185mm and 255mm.

Rest assured, these blades provide the same, excellent performance of high-end brands for a fraction of the price. Our long-life blades are specially designed to make clean, fast cuts through wood and other tough materials with ease.

Providing seamless cutting action, our Evolution saw blades offer maximum control and precision to make even the most difficult cuts possible.

Reliable Blades For Evolution Power Tools

Customer satisfaction and product quality are our top priorities. We take pride in securing a huge range of long-lasting and durable high-quality products through our selective process, ensuring our customers have the best experience with us.

You can count on us to provide reliable saw blades that work seamlessly with your Evolution power tools.

Why Is Having A Great Saw Blade So Important?

A great saw blade can make all the difference.

Not only do the best blades last longer, meaning you’ll have to replace them fewer times – ideal if you use a saw blade regularly – but having a great saw blade optimises your potential and allows you to see your projects through to completion without any hassle.  

Whether you’re looking for replacement Evolution saw blades or are stocking up your toolbox with the essentials, order from Saxton Blades today to make massive savings on your construction equipment. And remember, all orders over £10 receive FREE delivery! For more information about our range of evolution circular saw blades, get in contact with us via phone: 0800 470 0474 or email:



Which blade size do I need?

When selecting a blade size, there are a few factors to consider: your project, material types, and the requirements of your saw.

The size of a blade is determined by its diameter; sizes range from 5-12 inches, the most commonly selected blade size being 7-¼ inches. For safety reasons, the diameter of a blade cannot exceed your saw’s required maximum blade size.

It’s crucial to select a blade size that matches the required size for your saw for a snug and secure fit and is suitable for the materials you’re working on. 

How long should an Evolution saw blade last?

Evolution saw blades typically last twice as long as traditional abrasive blades and general purpose blades. Their saw blades are specially designed and built to last for a significant amount of time, making them stand out from the rest. 

External factors can also affect their longevity, including what you use the blades for and how often you use them. 

Are Evolution power tools good?

Evolution is one of the most popular power tool companies in the industry, and they’re all about offering excellent service and products at great affordable prices. They have a reputation for being a dependable brand that produces high-quality power tools. 

Evolution mitre saws, for example, are designed to be efficient and cut through a huge range of materials – including wood, steel, aluminium, mild steel, plastic, and more – faster, safer, and smoother than any other blade on the market. 

Where are Evolution power tools made?

Evolution was founded and is based in Sheffield, UK. Now one of the most prolific power tool brands, they have an impressive supply chain across 12 manufacturing facilities.

What’s the best blade for a mitre saw?

The best blade for a mitre saw depends on what type of material you’re using for your project, and most importantly, the particular blade size your mitre saw requires. Most manufacturing labels will state the best blade for certain materials.

Taking note of these factors before purchasing will allow for a smoother shopping experience as you’ll be able to select the perfect blade to fit your criteria.