Angle Grinders can be used to cut everything from aerated concrete to metals, but when it comes to shaping, sculpting, grooving and cutting wood – either on construction sites or for DIY projects in the home – a circular saw wood blade is an essential tool for your angle grinder.

Types of Angle Grinder Blades

Angle grinders can be used with a grinding disc, a wood carving disc to shape and cut wood, and discs for carving and cutting metals.

Grit is the term used to measure how hard or smooth a grinding disc will be. With a lower grit, the disc will be rough and coarse. A higher number means the disc will be smoother.

Lower grit discs tend to create more sparks, burns, and scratches than discs of a high grit.

Do Certain Tasks Require Different Circular Saw Blades?

In the simplest terms, yes. Although it is possible to use a metal carving disc for wood cutting, professionals would strongly advise against this due to the potential hazard associated with the kickback.

Choosing The Correct Size Wood Blade For Your Grinder

The correct size of blade varies depending on the thickness and type of wood you’re looking to cut.

For example, you may want a larger blade to cut through hardwood such as mahogany and a smaller blade for cutting through MDF or laminate flooring.



What exactly is an angle grinder used for?

Angle grinders can be used for cutting and shaping materials such as wood or metals.

They can be used similarly to a table saw or circular saw to cut through wood material at high speed.

Why do I need an angle grinder?

They are an excellent tool as an alternative to using circular saws to cut through wood quickly and efficiently, and an ideal replacement for using a large tile cutter to cut your ceramic tiles.

Grinders will save a lot of time if the right attachment is being used for the job and will also save the hassle of switching between tools if cutting, such as wood and tiles, as part of the same project.

What materials can angle grinders cut through?

You can use grinders to cut through wood, metals, concrete and brickwork with ease, although they are also used for cutting through MDF and laminated flooring.

As well as this, they can also be used to remove rust, sharpen blades or remove loose paint.

How do I use a grinder safely?

Due to high rotation speed rates, grinders must be handled with care and precision to ensure the saw blade only cuts the intended material.

Attempting to cut through something too quickly or through varying thicknesses with the wrong blades can result in the machine going dreadfully off course in an uncontrollable way.