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32mm Long Reach Blade

32mm Long Reach Blade

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This long multi-tool blade boasts a deep cutting depth of 68mm, which significantly exceeds the standard 40mm depth of most blades. This makes it easier to tackle those thicker materials such as lumber or certain plastic and PVC piped. With a durable carbon steel blade, it leaves you with a clean, professional cut on a variety of materials. 


This long-reach multi-tool blade is compatible with most multitools that accept Bosch-fit blades. Here's a list of compatible brands (always double-check your multitool's manual for confirmed compatibility):
  • EG
  • Bosch (excluding Starlock)
  • Argos Challenge Extreme (Battery & Mains) (may require adaptor)
  • Fein (excluding Starlock)
  • Ferm
  • Makita (may require adaptor)
  • Milwaukee (Renovator + Adaptor)
  • Ryobi (1+Plus - with Ryobi adaptor) (adaptor stored in battery compartment)
  • Wolf
  • Worx Sonicrafter (may require adaptor)
Don't see your tool on the list? Contact us today and we will be happy to help.


  • Extra Deep Cutting Depth (68mm): Perfect for cutting through thicker wood and plastic compared to standard blades.
  • Universal Compatibility (Bosch Fit): Works with a wide range of multitools from popular brands (see complete list above).
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for cutting wood and plastics for various projects.


  • Material: High-carbon steel (typical for multitool blades)
  • Shank Type: Bosch Open (universal fit for Bosch-compatible multitools)
  • Width: Refer to manufacturer's information (width may vary slightly)
  • Vibration: Information not typically provided by manufacturers for multitool blades


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