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14pc Jigsaw Blade Set

14pc Jigsaw Blade Set
price: £6.99
ex VAT: £5.83


The Saxton 14pc Jigsaw Blade Set includes:
  • 2x T144D - For fast cuts in wood, plywood and plastics up to 65mm thick
  • 2x T101B - For cutting Softwood, chipboard, wood core plywood, fibre boards (3-30 mm), plastics/epoxy (dia. <30 mm)
  • 2x T101BR - A down cutting blade for splinter free cuts. For laminated wood and decorative veneers up to 50mm
  • 2x T101AO - Ideal for making clean, rounded cuts on a wide range of wood
  • 2x T111C - For fast cuts in softwood 4-50mm, chipboard, plywood, fibre boards
  • 2x T118EF - Cuts thin metals 5/64" - 7/32" (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • 2x T118G - Suitable for cutting thin sheet metal 0.5-1.5mm


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