From sawing and cutting, to routing and sanding, multi-tool blades are an essential component of any toolbox. By simply changing the attachment you can go from sawing to sanding in a matter of seconds, helping you to complete tasks quickly and more efficiently.

 Some of the leading multi-tools on the market include Bosch multi-tool blades, Makita multi-tool blades and the Fein MultiMaster/ Cordless Multimaster. They are all designed to make life easier for both tradesmen and DIY fans alike. However, with regular use, the blades are subjected to wear and tear and must eventually be replaced.

Blade Attachments Explained

During the life of your power tools, you may need to use different sizes of blades for greater precision while cutting through different kinds of wood or metal.

Attachments include, but are not limited to, sanding sheets, titanium coated blades and diamond blades (which are great for removing adhesive residues). They can be used for sanding, cutting, grinding and even polishing.

Choosing The Right Blade

Selecting the right blades will depend entirely on the job at hand. For example, should you need to cut through hardwood or fibreglass, then a circular saw blade should be used, but if you need to cut through some tiles or remove grout, a diamond blade might be more appropriate.

At Saxon Blades, we have a huge range of blades and accessories available, as well as detailed information on each accessory and what it can be used for.

Cost-Effective Replacement Multi-Tool Blades

 Purchasing branded blades and accessories from the manufacturers may be the first choice for many people, but it is not always the most economical choice. Here at Saxton Blades, we stock a wide variety of Bosch, Makita, and Fein compatible blades at a fraction of the cost.

 If you’re looking for cheap Fein MultiMaster blades, Bosch multi-tool blades, Makita multi tool blades or Makita multi-tool accessories, you’re in the right place. All of our blades are manufactured to the highest quality using premium-grade materials and represent excellent value for money.

 All of our Bosch, Fein, and Makita compatible blades can be found here. Take some time to browse our full range, and don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything else you’d like to know.


What exactly is a multi-tool used for?

Professionals and DIY dads alike use multi-tools for cutting through all kinds of materials such as high gauge metal, tiles, hardwood, plasterboard and reinforced plastic. They can even be used to sand down paint jobs on wood.

Many jobs could necessitate a multi-tool – from cutting metal pipes or quick, accurate holes in plaster and drywall to sanding down wooden projects and even cutting tiles to size when decorating your home.

Scraping is another function of the multi-tool, making it invaluable for big projects, making tasks like peeling off old kitchen linoleum a hassle-free experience.

What are the benefits of owning oscillating power tools?

The two biggest attractions of oscillating power tools are the speed and accuracy with which jobs can be carried out. Oscillating tools offer the ability to carry out tricky jobs safely and easily as well as handling multiple different kinds of jobs with just one tool.

They are also easier to look after than the separate tools, as blades and accessories can be removed easily for maintenance. The Fein Multimaster is a good example of a great multi-tool fit for a professional.

What tool accessories does the multi-tool come with?

The multi-tool usually comes with at least two blades and sanding pads; however, replacements and further high-quality blades and accessories can be found on our Saxton Blades online store.

What are the best blades for a multi-tool?

In terms of value and quality, some of the best blades available for most multi-tools on the market can be sourced here at Saxon Blades, where you can find fantastic value for money and excellent customer service.

In terms of the blades themselves, as mentioned previously, the best blade depends entirely on the job at hand.